SJL Serenity Garden Initiation    
Fact Sheet 2024
Saint John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church  has created its Serenity Garden in 2024 in the hopes to become a  Mission Project of the SJL-LCMS in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Staten Island.

It is funded by volunteer efforts and free will donations. (plus future grants as received).   The garden is planned and hosted by Saint’s John’s Lutheran Church as such its grounds remain owned in perpetuity by the church.
The garden is located on the grounds of SJL’s lot on Catherine Court behind the Church at 216 Jewett Avenue.   The garden is planned for use of about 1/3 of the lot and sharing more than half available for potential over-flow parking for church services.

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List of Items which were planted

Bitter Gourd (Melon)
Variety of Peppers
Yellow Squash
Variety of Tomatoes
Lemon Balm
Sweet Basil
Turkish Oregano

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Project goals

  • Provide vegetables and herbs for the SJL family and congregation members the first year or two.
  • To create excitement and a chance to enjoy God’s good creation together and enjoy community as they work together.
  • Provide educational opportunities to learn about composting and growing healthy food. 
  • Future goals will be determined and developed based upon garden growth and involvement.
  • Volunteer Gardeners with all levels of experience are welcome to participate. 
  • The garden group will meet on Saturday mornings by 8am for joint efforts.  While we like to be in the garden together, volunteers at other times are to coordinate their time and work in the garden with leaders.
  • We need assistance during the week with watering for ensuring the plants are cared for so they don’t wither and fail.   We will introduce you to methods of composting, different kinds vegetables and herbs in the garden, gardening methods and tips. 
  • Thanks to Yvonne Clinton, for pushing plans and us to start the garden project.  She has suggested a vegetable garden from her experiences in home gardening.   Yvonne and Dave Cavagnaro helped recruit our first gardeners and our Garden Leaders during the initial growing seasons.  
  • Future improvements to the garden will be planned after the conclusion of the 2024 & 25 growing seasons.  
  • You can chat with any member of the Serenity Garden Group or other volunteers who assist throughout the season.    Members of the initial group for 2024-2025 are: Yvonne Clinton & Clinton family,  Dave Cavagnaro, Naomi Sawires, Margaret Persans,  Michael Clandorf & family.     
Rules for the Garden are posted in the
Narthex and Basement Bulletin Board

-pressure treated lumber 4x4 any length, 
-5-gallon clean pails, -    rope, twine, cable ties, 
-water barrels or 55-gallon drums, -   bricks or patio pavers you no longer use.
The church is located at 216 Jewett Avenue.
Staten Island, NY 10302.     

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